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Why ADG Supports General Aviation . . .

The Astronaut Kent Rominger Airport (RCV) in Del Norte, CO, an ADG client, is highlighted in this great video created by the staff at the Colorado Division of Aeronautics (CDOT Aeronautics). The video highlights the process of how the City of Del Norte and Rio Grande County partnered with CDOT Aeronautics and the FAA to create a new runway to support larger and more complex aircraft as a regional medical transfer hub and accommodate the growing aviation demand by business and recreational interests.

A key ADG core value is to support our community airports nationwide. As the video unfolds, the ADG team was working behind the scenes with the County, Airport Board and community to create a comprehensive Master Plan for facilities and aircraft growth, document the necessary environmental issues and obtain approvals, award-winning engineering designs for a complex aviation mountain terrain environment and, finally, provide construction management services to bring all the planning, environmental, lighting and paving elements together into a seamless process that brought a new runway to the Airport.

Whether it’s a runway on a beach or high in the Rocky Mountains, the ADG team has the knowledge and expertise to create new airports or bring mature facilities up to industry standards to meet the demands of your locale or market.

ADG is a privately owned consultancy under incorporation laws of the state of Colorado and the United States. Both owners are citizens of the United States and do not have any ties to foreign investment or partners. In compliance with FAA regulations, ADG participates in the ‘Buy American’ procurement standard for domestically funded airport projects. ADG does not knowingly sub-contract with any foreign companies or foreign national when conducting domestic airport consulting services.

General aviation is an integral component of the nation’s transportation network.

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